March 13, 2014

{Babooshka’s Hometown; Anna, Russia}

“Anna, Anna,” a man with gold teeth called. (gold is in here) I repeated, Anna! He spoke. I didn’t understand. I pointed to my hand written note. He spoke. Ya ne ponimayu. (I don’t understand). He directed me to the ticket agent where I bought my round trip ticket to Anna for 176 RUB, about $5. It’s a two hour bus ride down to Anna, but still a part of Voronezh city. Once in Anna I was not quite sure where to go or what to do. You’re let out on a main road so there’s not much to decipher which way is the right way. I began walking back towards where I’d seen the sign for the town. I walked down muddy roads through the train tracks and over to old houses. I didn’t know what I was there to photograph so I tried to find anything old and document it. Russians don’t like cameras. They don’t want their picture being taken either. So I did my best to snap quick photos and hide the camera in my big jacket. I wandered the streets and found what appeared to be some war monument and photographed the names and dates. I continued into the city photographing random houses, dogs, and cats. Back on the direct-exhaust to my lungs bus, I made my way towards Voronezh again. The city is so dirty, I’m trying to imagine if leaves on the trees and grass would make it a more picturesque place but I’m not so sure that’s possible.

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