August 19, 2015

{Proposal-Jonah Platt +Courtney Galiano: Hollywood Bowl, CA}

Jonah Platt and I have worked together since 2011 when I did a promotional shoot for SPRING AWAKENING. Working again together for BARE and most recently AMERICAN IDIOT, when I received a call from Jonah asking if I would shoot something for him personally, I jumped on board. Jonah was proposing to his girlfriend, Courtney Galiano of So You Think You Can Dance  at the Hollywood Bowl and wanted me to capture this surprise engagement. It was so much fun to get together with the few family members and friends and document the start to the next chapter in their lives.

The night of their engagement, Jonah and Courtney were able to head to their going away party which would now be a celebration and engagement party! (Jonah will be staring as Fiyero in Wicked begunning September 15, 2015 and they are flying to New York this weekend).

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-3 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-11 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-13 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-16 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-17 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-18 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-19 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-25 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-26 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-28 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-30 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-33 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-34 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-37 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-39 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-41 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-42 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-46 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-47 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-49 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-145 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-173 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Proposal-Jonah+Courtney-161 copy




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  • Jonah and Courtney December 3, 2015

    You absolutely nailed it Nicole! You gave us photos that we’ll treasure for our entire lives and didn’t miss a single moment. We can’t thank you enough!

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