November 18, 2015

{Pismo Beach Photography-Up the Coast}

Every year, that I am around (last year for my birthday I was living in Switzerland) mom likes to take a trip up the coast, stop by all the thrift stores in Ventura, and spend the night in Pismo Beach. We decided to postpone my birthday trip (my birthday is in September) and make it a little later so that we could see the Monarch butterflies. I had all these plans of photographing the butterflies, visions of them swarming all around. I had been incredibly busy rushing to get everything ready for the Sawdust Art Festival that I forgot to look up if this was the right time of year.

Per usual, we scored some good finds at the thrift stores, met an amazing man on the streets that worked for the City and gave us loads of inspirational advice, and continued on to Pismo Beach. The butterflies were in swarms alright, but up in the trees and you couldn’t see them unless you looked through a telescope. We had to just sit and laugh, I mean, it wasn’t what we had planned but the needed getaway was nice. Apparently the butterflies come out in swarms during mating season (February). I snapped a few shots and then we headed to the Sycamore Mineral Hot Springs for a relaxing hot tub experience. I am grateful for times like these to smile and enjoy the beauty around us, even when it isn’t exactly what we were expecting.

Nicole Priest Photo-Pismo Beach IMG_0001 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Pismo Beach IMG_0002 copy
Nicole Priest Photo-Pismo Beach IMG_0009 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Pismo Beach IMG_0010 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Pismo Beach IMG_0005 copy

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Nicole Priest Photo-Pismo Beach-IMG_0043 copy