February 5, 2016

{Los Angeles Photographer: Black Star Canyon- Orange County, California}

There are many things I enjoy in life, hiking is one of them. My friend and I have been wanting to do the hike at Black Star Canyon for quite some time and decided yesterday would be that day. As neither of us had been there before, we relied upon good ole Yelp to find out information about the trail and what was to expect. The last time we went out for a hike neither of us anticipated it would take so long and were left without water or food. This time, we prepared with clementines and water :). We set out upon the hike which was a stroll in the park for at least a mile.

Nicole Priest Photo-Black Star Canyon IMG_0002 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Black Star Canyon IMG_0004 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Black Star Canyon IMG_0005 copy

Something we had read told us we would see a turned over school bus, ghosts, and waterfall- none of which we saw after walking for 6 miles.

Nicole Priest Photo-Black Star Canyon IMG_0006 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-Black Star Canyon IMG_0010 copy

As much as we wanted to see the waterfall-visions of Cafe Rio danced in our head and with sore legs, calfs, and every other human limb, we set back. Roundtrip of about 11 miles and the car couldn’t come quick enough. We joked that it would be nice to be Harry Potter and move the car to us, something, anything to not have to walk. Alas, returning to the car at 2:40 (we left at 10:40) we downed what water was left and set off to stuff burritos in our faces.