March 2, 2016

{Wildlife Photographer of the Year-Take Two}

I wasn’t going to enter again this year, last year’s contest was emotionally draining. The excitement of being selected as a finalist out of 100,000 entries and then the let down of not winning. I debated long and hard about submitting again but then I realized, perhaps with the help of some friends, that the only thing I had to lose was not entering anything. So, here are the photos that I have submitted this year to the contest with the Natural History Museum in London.

I submitted to three different categories: On land, birds, and invertebrates.

Nosedive- Sayulita, Mexico: I went out to photograph the pelicans swarming for fish in the morning. I had a shot in mind that I wanted to capture with the fish coming out of the water and into the mouth of the pelican but found that I was more intrigued by the process that preceded the catch. 

Nicole Priest Photo-Nosedive copy

Morning Preyer-Sayulita, Mexico

Nicole Priest Photo-Morning preyer copy

Breakfast Dual: Sayulita, Mexico 

Nicole Priest Photo-Breakfast Dual copy

Brewing Storm: Hong Kong Geopark

Nicole Priest Photo-Brewing Storm copy

Green Serenity-Jiuzhai Valley National Park-China

Nicole Priest Photo-Green Serenity copy

Underwater Forest-Jiuzhai National Park-ChinaNicole Priest Photo-Underwater Forest copy

Contrast-Dana Point, California Nicole Priest Photo-Contrast copy
Nants Ingonyama-San Clemente, CaliforniaNicole Priest Photo-Nants Ingonyama copy

Point Break- Dana Point, California Nicole Priest Photo-Point Break copy

Scoping Butterflies-Pismo Beach, CaliforniaNicole Priest Photo-Scoping Butterflies copy