June 29, 2016

{Admiral Kidd Conference Center Wedding-San Diego, California-Steve+Aubrey}

When I received a four page wedding itinerary for the day of the wedding, I was slightly fearful for the day ahead however I must admit, Aubrey was the most organized and detailed-oriented bride I have ever met. I can’t wait to finish going through these photos but for now, here is a sneak peak of this gorgeous bride had her first look with her husband Steve, a marine, at Alcazar Garden in Balboa Park.

Nicole Priest Photo-San Diego-Aubrey+Steve_062416_0152 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-San Diego-Aubrey+Steve_062416_0336 copy

Nicole Priest Photo-San Diego-Aubrey+Steve_062416_0369 copy

After returning to the AKCC they two prepped to share their vows under a flower-filled arch over looking the San Diego Bay. I love weddings because no matter how much or how little you know the parties involved, you are sharing the most important day of their lives with them and it is a very touching and emotional time.

Nicole Priest Photo-San Diego-Aubrey+Steve_062416_1081 copy

The love between Aubrey and her father was inspiring and made me think of how excited I am to get married next week! Nicole Priest Photo-San Diego-Aubrey+Steve_062416_1373 copy