July 16, 2016


It happened. I sealed the deal to Benjamin Schmidt on July 15, 2016 in the Newport Beach California Latter-Day Saints Temple in a small ceremony with about 30 friends and family. It was fabulous. Here are a few photographs from that day of just the two of us, we are still awaiting the rest of the photos but I wanted to share these!

Photographer: Monika Ottehenning
Dress & Tie: Joshua Christensen
Flowers: Jimmy

I must say finding a photographer was the most difficult, for obvious reasons. We had someone take our engagements that we fell in love with online but once she returned our photos from the engagement shoot, we quickly fell out of love. Ben had pink lipstick all over his mouth (which she never mentioned), he had a lamp coming out of his head in multiple shots (that she never told him to move) and nothing was edited. Unfortunately, I DO NOT consider Lightroom edits to be edits and don’t feel they are worth $3,000.00 of photography. This experience was tough on us (she kept our $1,400.00 deposit, which I felt was completely unprofessional and I am not sure how she sleeps at night), but it also made me appreciate myself and the dedication I have for photos a lot more. I personally edit every single photo. I remove every piece of stray hair, and make everyone look amazing. You don’t pay a photographer to make you look the exact way you look (or you would use your iPhone), you pay a photographer to make you look and feel beautiful. My friend Marcello was able to recommend Monika and she definitely got the job done to our liking, so thank you Monika!

Josh is a good friend that was on Project Runway Season 9. I knew when I got married that he would make my dress. It was a fun experience being able to say “YES” to the fabric and watch this unique creation come to life.

Jimmy, my florist and dear friend, completely transformed the backyard where our wedding ceremony took place. Jimmy and I met while I was shooting and he was the florist on a wedding a few years back. He does such an amazing job and I wouldn’t have been nearly as happy as I was if he wasn’t a part of our day.

NicoleBenWed-3 copy

NicoleBenWed-5 copy

NicoleBenWed-6 copy

NicoleBenWed-36 copy

NicoleBenWed-51 copy

NicoleBenWed-60 copy

NicoleBenWed-16 copy

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NicoleBenWed-114 copy

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NicoleBenWed-143 copy

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NicoleBenWed-153 copy









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