December 31, 2016

{Fifth Water Hot Springs-Utah}

Yesterday we set out on a journey that I didn’t think would be too difficult, hiking 12 miles in 10 degree weather. The trek to the hot springs is typically not that far but in the winter the roads are blocked off which adds an additional 3 miles each way to the hike. At some points I felt as if the hike was never going to end but it was beautiful to see all of the snow and no-one around. We finally arrived at the hot springs and the last thing I wanted to do was take off my clothes and get in water but the water was a perfect temperature and when everyone else jumped it, I couldn’t be the one to not join. It was pretty amazing and barely anyone was there (not sure why, doesn’t everyone want to hike in freezing weather).

Getting out was the worst part- trying to dry off and get dressed. I swear I couldn’t feel my feet for almost the entire hike back but you know what, we did it… and then ate a big huge meal and sat on our buns…