October 5, 2018

{Proposal-Hannah + Avery-Westwood, California}

Avery called me up a few weeks ago asking if I was available to capture his surprise proposal to soon-to-be fiancée Hannah. As a lover of romance I was quickly on board. Hannah is a Platt, that may not mean much to the average Joe… unless of course you are a lover of Broadway musicals. Hannah comes from one of the most talented families I know- her father, Marc Platt produced La La Land, Girl on a Train, Drive, Into the Woods– the list goes on, brother and Tony/Grammy winner Ben Platt from Pitch Perfect and Dear Evan Hansen, as well as her brother Jonah Platt who most recently stared on Broadway as Fiero in Wicked. Avery comes from a line of talented siblings as well which I am pretty sure means their children will be prodigies.

I met Jonah many years ago while he was doing a bunch of off-broadway productions here in Los Angeles and even captured his proposal at the Hollywood Bowl to Courtney Galiano. It was such a romantic set up at Hannah’s parent’s house with roses aligned throughout the house, into the backyard leading to Avery where he stood with a single rose and a beautiful ring. Congratulations on this new chapter of your lives! The night was perfect…the only thing I would have changed would be to have the entire family break out in a musical show.

The newly engaged couple then made their way over to the veranda where Avery had made a book documenting their courtship. It was absolutely adorable to see her reactions to all he had done. Hannah couldn’t stop admiring her ring and I don’t blame her- well done Avery!

Both families were at a nearby park waiting to celebrate with the happy couple. After they had shared this spectacular moment the family joined in to celebrate with balloons, dinner, and some beautiful toasts!