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Nicole Priest Photography

I am Nicole and I am a non-fiction photographer with dreams of a fictional life.

Since 2007 I have spent many amazing moments of my life capturing awe-inspiring and breathtaking views, working with some of the most talented and creative people in Los Angeles as well as internationally. In 2010 I began traveling and capturing stock photography. A finalist for the 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year with the Natural History Museum in London.

Pictures make me happy; I want them to make you happy, it’s the way this beautiful world goes ’round. If I can portray the emotions that landscapes and human interactions invoke within me through my photographs then I have succeeded.

Anyone can capture a photo, and as long as one person loves it, it is art. I won’t tell you I am better than anyone else, I will only tell you I am better than who I was yesterday, both personally and professionally. Let’s become friends and take pictures.


Portraits start at $450.00

Weddings start at $4,500.00