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I am Nicole and I am a non-fiction photographer with dreams of a fictional life.

Since 2007 I have spent many amazing moments of my life capturing awe-inspiring and breathtaking views, working with some of the most talented and creative people in Los Angeles as well as internationally. In 2010 I began traveling and capturing stock photography. A finalist for the 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year with the Natural History Museum in London and finalist for the 2015 Adventure Photo Contest with the Weather Channel.

Pictures make me happy; I want them to make you happy, it’s the way this beautiful world goes ’round. If I can portray the emotions that landscapes and human interactions invoke within me through my photographs then I have succeeded.

Anyone can capture a photo, and as long as one person loves it, it is art. I won’t tell you I am better than anyone else, I will only tell you I am better than who I was yesterday, both personally and professionally. Let’s become friends and take pictures.


Portraits start at $450.00

Weddings start at $3,500.00


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"Mountain Getaway"- Aescher Cliff, Switzerland
"The Great Divide"- Mendocino, CA
"Flocking Together"-Lucerne, Switzerland
"Blue Mist"-Ransberg, Sweden
"Get in Line"-Montreaux, Switzerland
"Meet Me at the Dock"-Preverenges, Switzerland
"Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse"-Denmark
"Skagen Lighthouse"-North Denmark
"Sunset"-Laguna Beach, CA
"Cottage"-Yvoire, France
"Corner Lighthouse"-North Denmark
"Van Gogh's Wheat Fields"- Mendocino, CA
"Fire in the Sky"- Mendocino, CA
"Red Square"- Moscow, Russia
"Morning Rowers"- Dana Point, CA
"Contrast"- Dana Point, CA
"Untampered and Untraveled"- Seealpsee Lake, Switzerland
"Point Break"- Dana Point, CA
"Casting the Net" - Li River, China
"Nants Ingonyama"- San Clemente, CA
"Perfection Reflected"- Seealpsee Lake, Switzerland
"Underwater Forest"- Jiuzhaigou Valley, China
"Nosedive"- Sayulita, Mexico
"Yawn"- Chiangmai, Thailand
"Mountaintops"-Oeschinensee River, Switzerland